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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Winston. Picture was shot using the Yashinon-DS 50mm (from the old Yashica) using my 350D. Combination of a polarizing filter and the camera's internal B/W Yellow filter used to deepen detail and contrast. The lens is stuck wide open at f1.9, thus the shallow DOF* and swirling bokeh**.

Got the new soundcard in. I'm about to install it pretty soon. If I go away for a long, long time, I obviously did something terribly wrong.
Currently Listening To: The lack of audio drivers present on my PC.

* D.O.F. meaning "depth of field." Term for the range of focus on a lens according to the aperture used.
** Bokeh is a term given to the out of focus areas present in images. The more the colors "blob" and "smudge" together (sometimes swirling), the more "bokeh." If the out of focus area appears even and colors are still pretty well defined from eachother, the less bokeh. This is from my small understanding of Bokeh, for a better explanation, look it up on Wiki.


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