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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

TGTBATU: iTunes 7.0.0

iTunes 7.0.0 : Latest version of Apple's popular music player and download service.

The Good: It downloaded fast.

The Bad: It sucks. Bad. Scratchy, skippy, audio glitches abound. Only plays audio through the left speaker.

The Ugly: Did they even test this?! They should've kept 6.0.5 as the current and offerent 7.0.0 as a RC or beta. Bad move Apple.

(For those of you who are ready to defend Apple and say "buy a mac," this has been reported on Mac systems as well. I have tried all the "fixes" out there and the only one that cleans up the scratches still has only 1 channel audio output. I wish WMP11 and WinAmp didn't suck so bad.)


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